Saturday, February 9, 2008

Condemn the Assault on Freedom of Expression

Bhopal : Shubhradeep Chakravorty's documentary Not Allowed to be screened

The growing intolerance of the saffron outfits towards anything which does
not meet their distorted worldview was on display once again. This time the
target of their assault was Shubhradeep Chakravorty's recent documentary on
encounter killings in Gujarat titled ' Encountered on Saffron Agenda'.

Shubhradeep, who is a New Delhi based documentary filmmaker, has made the
much discussed 'Godhra Tak : The Terror Trail'. The recent documentary which
was shot in seven states, is based on investigative documentation of few
encounter killings in Gujarat in recent times. A significant commonality
between all these encounters was that those killed in these encounters were
said to have on a mission to kill the Chief Minister Narendra Modi who had
allegedly organised the 2002 genocide of Muslims in the state after Godhra
train burning incident.

Yuva Samvad, an organisation of Youth had organised the screeing of the
documentary on 7 th February at AICUF Ashram, Bhopal. Shubhradeep was also
present on the occasion to participate in the ensuing
discussion.Thescreeing of the documentary was supposed to start at 7
p.m. but before it could happen a horde of Bajrand Dal activists numbering
around 70 came to the venue and disrupted the show.

Police also refused to give any protection to the programme and in fact took
the Delhi based director of the film along with an activist of Yuva Samvad
to their control room. It compelled the organisers of the programme to call
off the screening despite the fact that the film does not come under the
'banned' category. The Bajrang Dal activists also entered the office of the
Ashram and threatened the authorities there. Police remained a mute
spectator to the whole developments.

It is for everyone to see that this assault on freedom of expression was
another sign of the growing fascist dominance in the state of Madhya Pradesh
where unruly saffron crowd is calling all the shots and administration is
acting as a mere spectator.

It is high time that every peace, justice loving person raise their voice in
unison to condemn such acts and express our total solidarity with people who
are struggling against such forces.

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Note- I received this matter from Subhash Gatade

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manjula said...

These cowardly attacks and threats show the desperation and frustration of communal fascists. But they will not succeed. Though there is a tough time ahead, but we will continue our fight against injustice. I strongly condemn these cowardly activities.